Band Biography

The Fine Colombians

Lead singer/keymaster Dr. K. Scott Eggert and bass master Scott Robbins met as 10-year-olds and started their first rock band at age 12.  The talk of doing a full-blown Steely Dan tribute first started between Robbins and former guitarist Brian Lee in 2005. When Dr. K moved to Asheville in 2014, he and Robbins reunited after not seeing each other for 15 years and played a few gigs together.  Robbins mentioned the Steely Dan dream one night after a State Street Rhythm Section gig, and Dr. K got excited enough about the idea that –just for fun–he started making some arrangements of Dan tunes, with horns and backup singers in the mix.   After churning out 3 or 4 of these, one day Robbins calls Dr. K out of the blue and asks him if he wants to make this Steely Dan dream a reality.  Funny you should ask me that, Dr. K responds …

Over the last couple of years,  The Fine Colombians have become a must-see institution.  Performing multiple sold out shows at the 250-seat Open Chord venue in 2018 and 2019 and numerous other dates the surrounding area the band has acquired a deserved reputation for top notch musicianship with spot-on recreations of Steely Dan classics.  A 2019 performance of the Aja album in its entirety was a feature of one recent TFC show.

We hope to see you soon!

Band Members

Piano & Lead Vocals

Dr. Kenneth Scott Eggert

Dr. K (Kenneth Eggert), lead singer, keyboardist, arranger, and music director for TFC, has performed in all kinds of musical groups, including rock bands, Native American powwow ensembles, African drum ensembles, Jamaican steel drum ensembles, and wedding bands. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in music composition from The University of Georgia, and composes classical music when he is not performing with TFC or the Marion NC-based band Gotcha Groove. He teaches music theory and composition at Brevard College, and lives in Asheville, NC.


Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins plays Fender Precision bass guitars with GHS strings, Gallien-Krueger amplifiers, Avatar and Mesa Boogie bass cabinets.


Scott Fugate

Drumming since 1982. Studio drum track creator. Has recorded more than 500 studio tracks and EP's for songwriters, bands, and producers worldwide including former Prince producer Chris Moon. Endorsements from Xcel Drumsticks and Arborea cymbals.


Dave Eckman

"You're one funky cat" - George Clinton, after seeing Supa Dave on stage. "Supa Dave" Eckman has been playing saxophone for 35 years and has a B.A. in Music from the University of South Florida. Dave plays in multiple bands including The Fine Colombians, Mighty Blue, City Limit and Soulfinger.

Tenor Saxophone

Robert Knapp

B.A., music, William Paterson College, M.A., music, University of Tennessee. Saxophone teacher and woodwind instrument repair specialist. Co-author of the book "Hearing The Changes" published by Schott Music. Has performed with Kenny Rogers, Buddy Rich, Lou Rawls, Jimmy McGriff, Richard "Groove" Holmes and numerous other artists.


Michelle Williams


Meredith Whitehead

Meredith began singing as a child in church and has spent her entire life singing with show bands, wedding bands, R&B groups and currently along with fellow Fine Colombians backup singer Michelle Williams is part of the acoustic trio Freequency.


Mike Spirko

Mike Spirko holds a B.A. in Music Education from the University of Tennessee. In addition to TFC, Mike is the co-founder and leader of swing jazz band The Streamliners, a member of the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra and plays small jazz combo dates.


Jake Byrd

Professional guitar instructor. B.A. in Studio Music and Jazz Studies, University of Tennessee.